What Is The South Gate SRTS?

The City of South Gate competed with many other cities for the Federal SRTS grant and this project was one of the few that received funding. The purpose of the City's SRTS program is to encourage more students in the City of South Gate to walk or bike to school and show them safer ways to do it. To achieve this goal, the program had the following elements:

  1. Community Outreach - Teach our community and business leaders about the benefits of walking and biking and how they can support this program.
  2. School Walking/Biking Programs - Develop activities/handouts to educate the students and their parents on the benefits of walking and biking to school. Hold events that encourage the students to walk or ride their bikes to school and show them safer ways to do it.
  3. Walkability Audits - Evaluate existing walking and biking conditions near the school that discourage walking or biking to school. These will be used to plan future improvements such as sidewalks, crosswalks, additional school signs and traffic signals.
  4. School Route Plan Maps - Help students and their parents choose safer routes to use when walking or biking to school. An updated School Pedestrian Route map was prepared for each school.
  5. School Traffic Control Plans - Plan future improvements, such as sidewalks, crosswalks and traffic signals, that will make it safer and easier for students to walk and bike to school. The City will use the plans to make simple improvements and apply for grant funding for the more expensive improvements.
  6. Before & After Surveys - Assess the success of the SRTS program by conducting Before and After surveys to see if the program increases the number of students walking and biking to each school.
  7. Summary Report - Prepare a report summarizing the results of the meetings, surveys, Walkability Audits, activities and recommended improvements. Please return to this page after March 31st for a link to the Summary Report.